Wormhoudt Incorporated’s Venice Beach Skate Park Big Summer Sleepover:

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One Response to “Wormhoudt Incorporated’s Venice Beach Skate Park Big Summer Sleepover:”

  1. LOS ANGELES (CBS 8) – Nosedive into the bowl alongside some of the best in the west and you’re shredding the new skate park at Venice Beach.

    “You know, it’s been voted one of the top 10 skateboard parks in the world. It’s created by some of the best skaters and designers in the world, so it’s no surprise, really,” a skater said.

    The gallery is packed with spectators who are right on top of the action, enthralled by skaters of all ages defying danger and gravity. The skate park, built right on the beach, has been a boon to the neighborhood.

    “We were just talking about how great it is for the community and just how excited that this is now our local skate park,” a skater said.

    It’s a new attraction for a neighborhood that’s been in a constant state of déjà vu for decades. Just picture Ocean Beach on steroids, or maybe Mission Beach on mushrooms and you’ve got VB — Venice Beach.

    Venice Beach is a multi-colored tapestry of tacky and trendy begging to be explored by the hordes who flock there daily. It’s a three-ring circus of vendors and street performers, all vying for attention and tips from the assembled multitude. Venice Beach is a pulpit for the street corner sage.

    Within the cacophony of its daily ritual, Venice Beach does have a distinctive vibe and a familiar refrain that we have all been here before, and we’ll probably come again.