Wormhoudt Incorporated Envision: Russian River Skate Park; Monte Rio, CA

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14 Responses to “Wormhoudt Incorporated Envision: Russian River Skate Park; Monte Rio, CA”

  1. chris vanderschoot says:

    Awesome! I’m a skater and I’ve been waiting for a russian river skateparl for years, I LOVE the design

  2. Michele Abel says:

    why is it there is sOOO much grass in the middle area? b/c concrete is so expensive??
    or safety : not having skaters cut across thru the center?
    i think the bowl should be in the middle DEFINITELY
    my husband also used to manufacture skateboards, we LIVE local and my young daughter goes to monte rio school. we are eager and excited to help out w/ this vision in ANY way possible.

  3. Michele Abel says:

    will there be a side/fenced in section for younger skaters? ie: under 5??

  4. we are limited to actual concrete square footage. the center area is proposed for other uses as of now.

  5. Hopefully no fences. Safety is our number one design concern. As it is now, it will be very safe for the young/ beginners.

  6. Travis says:

    When will this be completed?

  7. The Construction Documents are being produced now. Once they are approved, it should take about 90 days for construction to be completed.

  8. Mike says:

    Will bikes be allowed? Go against the grain and have bike hours on specific days. We need places to go too! We have a sport we dedicate our hearts to and I’d love to be able to ride here without getting hassled by everyone

  9. zacchil says:

    Has construction begun?

  10. Mose Porter says:

    Hey Zach, This is Mose, I was just letting you know im running administrator of the Monte Rio skate park page on facebook. I have been putting up pictures and trying to get people stkoed about the skatepark. I have planned to keep going to the site for the park and to take pitures and upload them as time goes by to see the development. I was wondering if you could email me some info on the skate park that i could put on the page, just any info that would help people understand whats going to happen in Monte Rio. If you have a certain date for when its finished in june/july that would be much appreciated. Thanks, Zach.

  11. Daren says:

    When’s it gonna be done were ready to shred !

  12. mikey says:

    Will there be bikes allowed? When’s it gonna be done