Oakdale Skate Park design workshop Concept Design unveiled

Oakdale Perspective 1 Final2

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8 Responses to “Oakdale Skate Park design workshop Concept Design unveiled”

  1. Cody Steinberger says:

    This park looks amazing! The design is so good. I can’t wait for this to be built, there is a perfect amount of bowls and street, enough fun for everyone. Finally a good skatepark in the oakdale/modesto area.

  2. Joe Mendo says:

    The skateboarding community in the Central Valley would love this design to be built, nothing should be changed! Us skateboarders have wanted a new park design like this near us and would reaaaaally enjoy shredding this! I’ve heard bmx riders are trying to change up the design according to their needs.. THAT CANNNOT HAPPEN! SKATEBOARDERS ARE THE MAJORITY AROUND HERE AND WE NEED DESIGN LIKE THIS TO BE BUILT! we appreciate you guys acknowledging our skateboarding needs! This park looks amazing and should be built as is!

  3. Zachary Kovacs says:

    The park looks amazing! Don’t change a thing! The only thing that would make it slightly Better is if the step up was on the half closest to the wall ride so that the bump to rail would be skate the same no matter what side you hit it from.

  4. Tim huff says:

    This setup looks so good! I really wouldn’t change a thing. Props to the design team! So excited

  5. booger derrick asher says:

    This loooks sick! No changes needed! Good job

  6. Christian Shindler says:

    Awesome design!! I love the street plaza section!! Very creative, especially the horseshoe idea. I love how the street is separated from the bowls, those launch ramps are a really cool idea too! I love how it starts at the top, and you can just keep doing ticks and hitting obstacles without stopping, and then there’s banks an stuff to turn around on. I also love all the diff ledges, hubbas, and rails! It’s gonna be great having a manual pad too! And there’s even a mellow step-up!! Maybe just add a little bit longer of a gap on the step up. But the park looks great!! Great job on the design, I know if this park gets built it will be the best park in the area!!

  7. Troy holder says:

    This isn’t cool.. We BMX riders got this whole skatepark grant started and we have been supporting since day one. Just because the skaters like how the street is does not mean nothing needs to be changed. Skate boarders have parks to ride all around this area. Bmx riders can’t ride anything. We need something with flow and speed!

  8. Travis holder says:

    Would really love to see some more “park” elements in this skatepark. All of the valley’s skateparks have an abundance of ledges, rails, Hubbas etc with the exception of ripon. Which I have a pending ticket for bike in the skatepark right now. I would really love to see some obstacles I could get down on. Nice quarters big and small, hips, spines, wall rides (straight or curved), boobs, box jump/step up,and maybe even a sub box or two. Would also love to see some 3ft tall+ ledges, and some rails would be nice too. Everyone needs there street fix, but if your really fiend in for some of that there is an awesome “street” skatepark about 5 minutes down the road in riverbank. Thanks for the effort and look forward to seeing the results! You guys are awesome